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Project poise and professionalism ... 
    Captivate your listeners ... 
          Persuade people to act on what you say ... 
                Develop comfort and confidence...

Whether you speak to one person or a group of 100, getting your message out in a clear and concise manner is essential to your success. In fact, only 15% of your success in life will be due to your technical skills while 85% is due to your presentation and communication skills.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you learn how to develop and deliver high impact presentations. It is designed for people like yourself who make presentations on an occasional basis. It covers the basic skills necessary for you to effectively develop and deliver the presentations you are asked to do in your job.

The workshop format includes group discussions and individual and group exercises designed to help you learn presentation skills. You will develop a presentation and present a segment of it during the workshop. Your fellow participants will be your audience during your practice session. You will get constructive criticism from the instructors and the participants. In addition each presentation will be videotaped.

To provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver informal and formal presentations to small and large groups we will cover the following:

Characteristics of successful presenters

The 12 most common mistakes presenters make

4 key ingredients for effective facilitation

5 steps to deal with "speakers anxiety"

Learn the 4 different communication styles and how to use them to your advantage

3 techniques for making effective impromptu presentations

Planning your presentation step-by-step

6 dynamic ways to open your presentation

15 ways to keep your audiencesí attention

How to use humor

Use of audio-visual aids

Effective use of body language

7 strategies for closing your presentation

If you have ever admired and envied those who seem to make presentations with ease and confidence and you find yourself wishing that you had the talent to motivate, persuade and hold the attention of one person or hundreds, this course is for you.  

EXPERT Magazine has arranged for a FREE assessment consultation by Arnold on your presentation skills or those in your organization.  While the scope of the FREE consultation is limited, Arnold will share some of his insights on how effective presentation skills can benefit you and your organization and a few of his tips for success. Contact him at [email protected]  with your areas of interest and your contact information.

To your success!

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