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Magazine  is  a  training & development and meeting planning publication, providing decision makers in corporations, associations and government agencies information and resources to make their people and their organization more effective.  

You will find hundreds of "How-to" articles by business and personal development experts as well as many resources for improving your organization

EXPERT Magazine Online is a free,  monthly e-mail magazine with the latest news, articles and resources from experts in business and personal development.

The recent boom in technological advances has made most organizations more productive. Hand-in-hand with this technology trend is a wide variety of publications that cover computer hardware and software, networking, the Internet, telecommunications and other aspects of the new technical world. However, increased reliance on technology have made human performance issues more critical than ever before.

EXPERT is a guide for utilizing people to thrive in this new and quickly changing business environment.

Editorial and advertising content in EXPERT focuses on the training and development of people and the technology used to facilitate this transference of expertise. Although EXPERT naturally appeals to training and human resources professionals, the content is valuable to any individual who has an interest in the health and performance of the organization. Readership includes:
  • Line managers and product managers - responsible for performance 
    of their group
  • Corporate, association and government executives - responsible for performance of the organization
  • Meeting and event managers/planners - searching for expert speakers 
    and facilitators
  • Training and human resources professionals
  • Business owners
  • Consultants and consulting firms
  • Print and broadcast media - interview and guest source

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