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Here are what EXPERTS are saying about us.....


I've received several comments from visitors to your website, including one
from a TV producer who read my article about teams and invited me to
be on her show. Keep up the good work bringing together speakers, 
meeting planners, and the media! 
Mariah Burton Nelson

I am very excited to share with you that I recently closed a booking with a 
client who saw my article in Expert Magazine on your website. The magazine
is a great positioning tool for speakers and I would highly recommend it to
Jodi Walker
Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author

[email protected]

Bravo for EXPERT Magazine and web site whose marvelous 
marketplace helps speakers and meeting professionals practice 
safe stress. Its so easy to find experts and update materials  
a terrific way to save time and effort for everybody. Ive had great 
success in reaching clients and developing strong relationships 
to assist with conferences, articles/interviews, teleclasses, and 
even a retreat on the lake where I grew up!
Gail Howerton, MA, CLP
CEO {Chief Energizing Officer}


"The caller said, 'We read about you in EXPERT Magazine!'
What a great start to a long and profitable client relationship."
Lynne Waymon,
Networking & Negotiating Expert, Speaker, and Trainer


Hi. Just looking through your magazine for the first time. It looks 
great and Im hoping to network with many of your speakers! 
Keep in touch.
Tony Marchesseault, President
Eagle Training Group

My listing in EXPERT Magazine was seen recently by officials of 
CallSource.com which conducts educational teleconferences each 
month for clients around the country. CallSource.com has asked 
me to conduct a series of teleconferences on effective public relations 
strategies and techniques which will be held later this year.

My listing attracted the attention of the National Park Service, which 
hired me to conduct a one-day training session on how to understand 
and work with the media, and also to arrange a news conference for 
Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt.
The Listing has also led to several media interviews, including two 
live appearances on Fox News. EXPERT Magazine really works!
Edward Segal
Author "Getting Your 15 Minute of Fame, and 
More: A Guide to Guaranteeing Your Business Success" 


Wow! I got another call today from my listing in EXPERT Magazine.
Your magazine has proven to be one of my best marketing tools.
It makes it easy for clients to find out about a variety of speakers that
they may not ordinarily have exposure to. It is worth many times the
small investment I made. Keep up the good work!
Arnold Sanow,
Professional speaker, consultant, and author


"....I noticed your bio in the Professional Listings section
and would like to invite you to speak to my clients via telephone."
This is a lead from my listing in EXPERT Magazine!
Dr. Jeff Greenfield

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