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It's New!  Special Introductory Offer Makes Web Audio Clips Affordable for Everyone! 
Try the demo below!

Adding audio clips to your web pages and newsletters 
is easy and affordable when you are working with experts!  

As a speaking professional, your voice is your profession.  Share it with prospective clients on the web. Now you can add your audio clips to your web pages fast and easy!  You can customize your messages for specific pages or make them more general in nature for use in a variety of ways. Audio Clips with Multipurpose Use are a Great Value!

Invite your web site visitors to take a tour.  Your voice can welcome visitors to your web site, describe your services and invite them to browse different departments.  Use them to promote your new book or your seminars....tell them what you want them to hear!

There is no waiting for the audio player to load or the frustration experienced when the player won't work at all!  Your audio clips work instantly!

Imagine picking up the telephone, recording your message and having it on your web site tomorrow.  Your professionally produced clip, using your voice, can be a  multipurpose promotional tool.  Our easy, no-hassle process can make it happen fast and efficient.  

Since your audio file is part of your web files, it can be used on any number of pages on your web site.  This same file could be included on other sites you may appear on or in your web advertising campaign.  If you use html formatted email you could include the link in your signature and include them in your html newsletters.  

This promotion tool will work hard for months, or years to come!

Our flexibility allows for a pop-up window with a photo or logo, or no pop-up window at all.  The file can be activated by a clickable link (similar to the sample below)  or it can be self loading when the page is opened.

All of this for only $99!  There aren't too many marketing tools that have the life span and flexibility of use as your EXPERT Audio Clip(s), and for such a small investment.  

The sample of Bill Lampton PhD., below, is an audio clip that was recorded over the telephone from his office and delivered within 24 hours, and is approximately 2 1/2 minutes in length.  The length of your audio clips should be determined by the intended use, keeping in mind your audience and their extent of interest at the point of the presentation.  This particular example is a more in depth explanation of Bill's services, which complements the shorter audio clips he uses on his web pages.

Bill Lampton, PhD. provides CPR

Hear Bill Lampton describe how he will give CPR to your organization!

To hear shorter clips on Bill's site visit www.commlampton.com .

We can record your voice over the telephone from anyplace in the world and deliver most projects within 24 hours.  Your audio file will be sent to you via email for you or your webmaster to insert in your web pages, html newsletters or to send to others for use in their web pages.

Hurry and get started today!  This introductory offer of $99 (50% savings) is limited.  This offer includes one or two audio clips (combined run time 2 1/2 minutes).  Longer clips or multiple shorts quoted on request.

For questions or to place an order and discuss the details of your project call 352-438-0261.

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