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Persistence Opens the Door to Success

by Paul Schnabel

I pride myself in keeping an extensive library of just about
every book 
I've read since college. Occasionally I'll peruse
my collection in search 
of a book to reread that I haven't
picked up in a while.

Recently I reached for a dog-eared copy of Og Mandino's 'The Greatest Salesman in the World". It happens to be the top selling self-help book of all time, with millions of copies purchased since its publication. Countless sales careers have been launched or saved by the classic wisdom contained between its pages.

For those of you who haven't read it (lately, or at all),
the book is organized around a series of guiding principles, which are contained in ten 'ancient scrolls'. As I reread 'Greatest Salesman', I was struck by how timeless Og's wisdom is, and how applicable it is to the challenges we face today.  

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ow can you apply persistence in your 
life to win?

  • Thought

  • Word

  • Deed

One scroll that struck me in particular was entitled "I will persist until I succeed". In an excerpt from that chapter, Og writes, "I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep my eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where the dry desert ends, green grass grows."

How important is persistence in today's business world? I dare say that without it, no matter how good your product or service or how well positioned your organization, you will ultimately meet with failure. In this economically challenged, post 9/11 world, persistence is required 
you sell for a living, manage people or projects, or lead entire organizations.

During this year-end time, when many others have 'written off' the year, how can you apply persistence in your life to win?

Be persistent in thought: Don't doubt yourself if you're not getting the 
results you want today. Keep your mind on
the prize! If you quit in 
your mind, your actions won't be
far behind.

Be persistent in word: Inconsistency between your values and your 
spoken word produces cognitive dissonance, leading
to depression 
and a feeling of compromising yourself. Be
consistently persistent!

Be persistent in deed: Make that extra sales call at the end of the day, 
write that extra letter, make that extra
phone call. Keep taking positive, 
right action and watch the
results follow!

I have a friend who truly personifies persistence. Dick suffered a brain aneurysm seven years ago, which left him partially disabled. Instead of bemoaning his fate, he works everyday at regaining full cognitive function and through his persistence, has written a book about brain injuries that 
will help countless others. His persistence is creating
a miraculous recovery!

One of Dick's favorite inspirational passages, written by Paul J. Meyer, goes as follows:
        "Whatever you vividly imagine,
         Ardently desire,
         Sincerely believe,
         And enthusiastically act upon....
         Must inevitably come to pass!"

Remember, persist, and you will succeed!  

Paul Schnabel is an achievement expert who delivers high energy, content 
rich keynotes and workshops on achievement, finding meaning in the 
workplace and growing smarter.
Today's new and challenging times call for 
fresh ideas and perspectives! Reserve Paul
during December for a first 
quarter meeting and receive a 10% discount!  Call 480.767.8965 or 
visit www.PaulSchnabel.com 
Join his bi-monthly newsletter  for great tips on achieving what you
want in life
[email protected]

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