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ASTD is the world's leading association of workplace learning and performance professionals, forming a world-class community of practice. ASTD's 70,000 members come from more than 100 countries and 15,000 organizations - multinational corporations, medium-sized and small businesses, government, academia, consulting firms, and product and service suppliers. Started in 1944 as the American Society of Training Directors, ASTD is now a global force, widening the industry's focus to connect learning and performance to measurable results, and is a sought-after voice on critical public policy issues.

First Time Certification for Whole e-Learning Library; 
ASTD Certifies DDI Web-Based Courseware

ASTD Releases its 2002 State of the Industry Report

Nov 16, 01
"Truth in E-Learning" is Focus of ASTD 
TechKnowledge(R) Conference and

ASTD E-Learning Brain Trust Cautions Training Industry

When Do Employees Accept E-Learning?

Participate in the Interactive Conference!

ASTD Releases its 2001 State of the Industry Report

ASTD Announces Plans to Certify Web-based Training Courses

ASTD To Release Study on Recruitment & Retention