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Have You Jumped Up & Down Yet Today?

by Kathie Hightower


If you have attended my seminar you know what this title means. Feeling draggy at work? Hitting that afternoon slump? Well, get up and jump up and down. In a few minutes, probably in just seconds, you'll feel more energetic. Try it. It works. 

Let's look at other things that can give you added boosts of energy throughout your day - short energy spurts.

  • Start your day with energy. I read something fun or inspirational every morning (to keep myself from worrying about things I have to do that day). My favorites include Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance and SARK's Living Juicy. For many friends it's spiritual reading. Choose what works for you for your daily energy boost.  

    You might need to add a bit more oomph on those days that you know you face a particularly challenge. My speech coach, Marian Woodall, recommended that I get myself pumped up before doing a presentation by listening to James Brown's "I Feel Good." (Okay, the song is called I Got You, but I think of it as I Feel Good.) You cannot feel bad when you are listening to that song. I used this motivator for years, but then lost the tape on one trip. Then I realized I didn't even need the tape. I just play it in my head (and sing along) and I feel great. Try it. It works. You can also watch a short clip of a funny video, laugh hysterically and get the same effect. 

  •   Aromatherapy. I keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my travel kit and on my desk. When I need a spurt of energy, I open the bottle and take a whiff and a deep breath. It works. I've also found that sucking on one of those newly popular strong mints like Altoids or Fisherman's Friend has a similar effect. 

  •   Water Break. The first place doctors look when someone is exhausted is to see if they are dehydrated. If you feel tired, check your water intake. Dehydration can also cause headaches and lack of concentration. And don't forget, caffeinated coffee, tea and soda are all dehydrators. If you have one of those you need an extra glass of water (on top of that eight to nine glasses of water a day) to make up for that caffeine. Make water a habit and you'll notice a difference in your overall energy level.

  •   Take an Energy Break. The idea here is to take a short break and do something that is fun for you. You will return to your work with more energy. For example, I'll get up and play with my Koosh Ball or do a few minutes of hula-hooping, or take a quick walk outside in nature. They all work. I got this idea from a fabulous book that is full of other ways to increase your energy. It's You Don't Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted by Anne McGee-Cooper. Get it, whether you work outside the home or not (full-time moms need it more than anyone!)

And finally, one of the biggest energizers is spending time on the things you love in life.

Have you heard the saying (or maybe even read the book) Do What You Love and the Money will Follow? Well, I do know people who have turned their avocations into a way to make a living. But for many things we love to do, that won't be the case. What a lot of my friends love to do the most - what they get the greatest satisfaction out of - is volunteer work. And they most likely won't make money at that. What a lot of my friends love to do is art. If they tried to make money at art, it might take away the spontaneity, fun and creativity. I love to do yoga and kayak and garden, but I have no desire to try to make a living at any one of those activities.

Here's what I believe. Do what you love and the energy will follow. It's true. Doing things you love to do energizes you - and that energy carries over into other aspects of our life.

And for right now. Finish reading this, stand up and...

Jump Up & Down!!!

Kathie Hightower's Jump Into Life! Workshops and Writings help you pump up your energy, creativity & joy, at work and in life. Contact her at 253-761-8161; [email protected] , or www.jumpintolife.net

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