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How to Use Entrepreneurial Thinking to
Ignite Exceptional Customer Service

by Jodi Walker

The competition is fierce. How do companies stay ahead of the curve and continually find
new and innovative measures to provide value and service to their customers?  However
we're not talking about just any old service, but exceptional service. Companies large and small have realized that they must have people in their organizations that think with a vision and are up to the challenge of breakthroughs, quality and exceptional customer service. "Entrepreneurial Thinking" helps an individual to take ownership in their skills and abilities
in order to achieve new levels of success.

  Regardless of the industry, companies know that their level of service directly affects the success of their business.  Here's the million-dollar question - Does every employee at
every level know how his or her individual job affects the success of the entire organization?  As I work with companies around the country I often have an opportunity to interview individuals from front line personnel to the CEO.  Depending on the person you are talking with, this answer will vary greatly.

I was interviewing a receptionist in a healthcare organization who wanted to make an impact on her customers and genuinely wanted to have more information to help her customers.  However, she said her supervisor was so busy that she could never share her ideas or get
any feedback.  The receptionist said that she felt that her job was not considered to be that important. Ironically, the receptionist is often the first contact the customer has and one of
the most important people in the organization.

  In customer service it only takes one weak link in the chain to damage the service
reputation of the entire organization.  Every individual needs to know their value and how
their role fits into the overall company mission if we expect them to go above and beyond
in the world of exceptional service.

A recent Gallup survey of more than 55,000 workers confirms that there were several
attitudes that correlated strongly with higher profits.  One of those attitudes was that the individuals made a direct connection between their work and the company's mission.

  How do we motivate employees toward the corporate mission?  The truth is we don't. 
They must learn to motivate themselves and create an entrepreneurial spirit for their own success through their own personal mission.  Then they can link it with the company
mission or vision in order to achieve mutual success.

The entrepreneur is the visionary in all of us.  Knowledge and expertise are not enough to
keep pace with today's rapidly changing customer- centered world. In order to improve customer service every employee needs to take care of the customer as if they were the owners.  This means taking personal responsibility for exceptional customer service. 

  The E-T Factor is made up of key entrepreneurial thinking components designed to assist organizations in developing their greatest resource to improve customer service and productivity.  By far their greatest resource is their people!  Below are the "Entrepreneurial Thinking" success traits that make up the E-T Factor.

  The E-T Factor

  • Focused Vision

  • Accelerated Career Strategies

  • Confidence

  • Thinking Skills

  • Originality

  • Risk

Jodi Walker is an award winning speaker and author who works with individuals and organizations to tap into their true potential by utilizing Entrepreneurial Thinking in the workplace.  She is a member of the National Speakers Association.  Jodi can be reached
at 800-782-1719 or [email protected] 2001

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