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Put Some Magic Into Your Next Presentation
By Tim Piccirillo

The next time you have to give a presentation of any kind, a bit of magic may be just what you need to motivate, captivate or persuade your audience. Magical effects are the perfect way to spice up a sales presentation, product introduction or any talk that might need something different to "grab" your listeners.

There are three reasons why magic works well in a presentation. First, people are fascinated by a good magical effect presented well. Any time you add an element of entertainment to a program the audience always sits up and takes notice. Itís different and itís not done that often.

Secondly, magic is a great way to prove a point. In my talks on human potential I do an effect with three varying lengths of rope, which "magically" become all the same size. The point is that we all have different abilities and talents (3 different lengths) but we all have one thing in common: we all have potential (all three ropes are now the same size). There are other ways to prove this point through storytelling or case studies but the use of a magic effect makes the point stronger in an entertaining way.

The third reason magic works well in a presentation is because the audience will remember it longer than a standard speech. It has been shown that people remember things better when the message is reinforced with humor. The same applies to magic. Because the point or topic is being imparted in a different way, the retention is that much stronger.

How To Do Magic

Even though the magic fraternity is veiled in mystique and secrecy, it is rather easy to learn a simple magic effect and incorporated it into your talk.

First, go to your cityís library and check out some books on magic. Contrary to popular belief, the magic you perform does not have to be complicated or intricate in its working to be effective. Some of the most powerful magic being performed by the top magicians is simple in its execution. The key is the presentation of an effect. How you accomplish a trick is not nearly as important as how well you present it.

Second, once you have a variety of effects to choose from, figure out how a trick might fit in with the particular point you want to convey. You would be surprised how easy it is to match a point with an illusion or effect. However, make sure the trick clearly shows the point that you wish to make.

Third, develop your "patter" so that there is no mistake on the audienceís part of what you are trying to say. Make the trick, as well as the patter, direct and to the point.

Fourth, practice, practice, practice. You must know the effect so well that you can do it without thinking about it. Knowing it that well will allow you to focus on the presentation and the point you are trying to get across. You must know the effect well so you can concentrate on the audience and not worry about its execution.

Magic is a wonderful way to mesmerize an audience, in addition to your words. To be effective however, it must be done well. Thereís an old saying in the magic fraternity: "Itís not what you do, itís how well you do it". This means that the magic you do does not have to be as spectacular as sawing a woman in half, but it must be done well and with the same thought, planning and practice that a major illusion requires. Try a simple magic trick in your next speech using the method outlined above. Youíll find your audience will be more attentive and entertained in the process. And who knows, maybe you will have found a new hobby too!

Tim Piccirillo has been a professional speaker and magician for over 25 years. He has been motivating and entertaining corporate and association audiences with magic in his keynotes, workshops and banquet programs, speaking about human potential and "resiliency". For his FREE REPORT, "5 Ways to Use Magic Effectively in a Presentation", or to talk to Tim about presenting at your event email him at [email protected]tior call 814-772-1291 www.timpic.com                              
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