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A Spark for the 

No One is Perfect

by Karla Brandau

"Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault." --David M. Burns, M.D.

...an excerpt from quote book, "Dance With The Sunbeams Of Life" by Karla Brandau -- it will help you develop a winning mindset and help you handle the speed bumps of life that occur throughout your day.


The Inner Winner knows that no one is perfect. They also recognize the appropriate mind set about errors:

1. If the mistake is stupid, silly or dumb and is repeated over and over, it must be corrected.

2. If the mistake is an honest human error, it can be forgiven.

3. If the mistake is made in an attempt to innovate, it should be applauded and alternative uses sought. For instance, that is how we got Ivory soap. The workman left his soap stirring machine on while he went to lunch. When he came back---the soap floated!

With the appropriate mindset about errors, the Inner Winner is able to extend human kindness to others. The Inner Winner seeks to forgive others for honest mistakes and is patient with others. The Inner Winner looks the other way when someone criticizes him/her without reason, knowing it is the other person's fault, not theirs.

Strive to be a winner!!

Karla's keynotes spread infectious enthusiasm for life as she speaks on personal growth, mental toughness, and achievement. She is the author of "Wake Up The Winner Inside." Contact her at 770-923-0883 or e-mail her at [email protected] Visit her website at www.karlaspeaks.com  and pick a topic to make your next meeting memorable.

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