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10 Power Skills To Present Like A Professional!

by Dr. Jeffrey L. Magee, PDM, CSP, CMC


Present Like A Professional, whether you speak to ten or a thousand, here are some helpful power presentation skill builders for your next appearance.

Presentation Skill Builder #1 - Reduce your presentation or talk down to a center key point, so if you loose focus while presenting you can quickly regain control by refocusing back on your key point.


Presentation Skill Builder #2 - Know the CRUX (key point) of each aspect of your presentation, so you can free yourself from reading or looking at notes and become more conversational with your presentation.


Presentation Skill Builder #3 - Have documentation, books, charts, etc. in hand as you present to establish greater power behind your points, and then set the material down and free your hands to allow you to physically telegraph your key points!                             


Presentation Skill Builder #4 - Break your presentation room down in your minds-eye into four quadrants. As you engage the participants in the room, make eye contact with one person per quadrant and become comfortable with them. While you will play to these people in the four different quadrants, everyone in that line of eye sight will feel as if you are connecting with them and that will make you more personable - and thus more comfortable!


Presentation Skill Builder #5 - Get out of the box...whether you are on a stage, at a lectern, using power-point, an overhead projection system or have notes on a head table, you must work the room. Move around and create a sense of energy. Don't be the boring, monotone college professor that stay's in one place as if your feet are nailed down - remember, your audience does not have to be polite and stay mentally with you now!


Presentation Skill Builder #6 - Projection, make sure you test the room out before the audience arrives if possible to see how loud (audio) you will need to project your voice to be heard or how to utilize an amplifier system ... and this rule hold true for pre testing out all visuals to be used, and don't ever use a visual that becomes over kill as you get into your presentation!


Presentation Skill Builder #7 - Personalize your message to your listeners to draw them in, as Zig Ziglar says, people listen to "What's In It For Me" ... reference people by name, position and experiences, all information you will have gained from prior interface with audience-client!


Presentation Skill Builder #8 - The "Adult" learning model encourages a speaker to Tell them-Tell them-and Tell them;  (1) start by telling the audience in general terms what they are about to hear, then (2) tell them the message in an interactive experiential manner, and (3) wrap up with a review of what you said!


Presentation Skill Builder #9 - The brain absorbs in three ways, so build your message in a manner that you can draw upon as much and as often as you can on, (1) Visual, (2) Auditory, and (3) Kinesthetic!


Presentation Skill Builder #10 - Leaving wanting more ... make the presentation fun, energized, up lifting and entertaining to the degree that is you. With engaging first person stories, humor, examples, handouts and usable action plans, so the audience wants to or is willing to listen to you again!


Dr. Jeffrey Magee, PDM/CSP/CMC, is an international business-leadership speaker and author of more than a dozen best selling books. For program information and availability call toll free 877-906-2433.

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