By Carol Grace Anderson, MA
Jun 24, 2002 - 2:25:00 PM

It's hard to believe a brand new century is here. And change is still in the forecast! As I travel across the country speaking to various organizations, the one question I get over and over is: "How do we handle all this change?"
In fact, one thing we can all count on during this entire millennium is that change is constant. Changes in procedures, technology, management, on and on. So, since we all have to deal with change in one way or another, here are three secrets for powerful, effective change:

1. DECIDE. We all have to start somewhere. The first step is to decide to have a positive attitude about change! Yes, you can make that choice. Let it become a habit. Realize that change makes you grow into a better, wiser, more experienced person. When we eliminate the fear of failure in our lives, we can make some powerful decisions. Actor Christopher Reeve decided he was going to handle his life-changing experience in a positive way. It's a valuable choice for all of us to make for the new millennium. Managing change re-duces stress both on and off the job.

2. DISCOVER all the possibilities. After we've decided to embrace change, then it's time for the next step... to discover all the possibilities to take us to our goal. This helps us to change effectively. Try out different options to discover what brings the very best results. Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb. But it took thousands of tries before he discovered what worked. Discover all the possibilities that work best for you.... at your job, with your family, getting healthier, improving technical skills, prioritizing your life... whatever.

3. DEVOTE yourself to hanging in there while you and the rest of the world keep changing. This is where the big, valuable stuff really happens. You can take giant leaps forward by devoting your time and efforts to the important areas that need some changing. Just do a little at a time! Change doesn't have to be overwhelming. It may seem tempting and easy to quit, to lower our expectations, to lose our dreams. But if nothing changes .... nothing changes! Yep. To get different results, we HAVE to do something different. NOW is the time. And don't ever give up. We need you. Throwing in the towel just leads to a bigger pile of laundry!

Remember the 3 D's: DECIDE, DISCOVER, and DEVOTE. That's really all there is to dealing with any change.

I wish you the best on your changing pathway. You really can keep fired up through change!

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