Visualize & Create Your Reality
By Hershey Wier
Jan 15, 2003 - 11:56:00 AM

If any of you are not taking at least five minutes out of the day to relax, to collect your thoughts, to de-clutter and regroup, then that's your basic assignment starting today. Some days it seems that our days are filled with one crisis after another. One stream of busy-ness to another. When it seems like your world is a spinning merry-go-round, did you know you can stop? Yes, you can stop and get off. Let's try it right now.

Are you off? Good. Are you alone? Is the room quiet? Is your "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging outside your door? Now you're ready.

Sit down and relax. Smile and breathe deeply. Get oxygen moving to the far reaches of your body. From your big toe to that little lump sitting right square on the top of your head that Sally or Tommy gave you in second grade.(It was an accident, of course.)

Now, imagine an ideal situation that you would like to see yourself in in the future. Maybe you simply would like for tomorrow to be a calm, soothing day. Or, something more. Perhaps you're looking for more contentment in your family life -or - you'd like time for the hobby you've always wanted to pursue -or - the job/business/creative life endeavor you've always wanted to go after - but - just haven't had the time/courage/money/good hair days/________ your excuse here/all of the above - that you feel is necessary in order to go after that dream.

Got the picture?

Now put that picture in your mind's eye. No peeking - keep your eyes closed. According to Shakti Gawain, from her book Creative Visualization, pink is the color of the heart, and she calls this exercise the Pink Bubble technique. Do you see the color pink around this picture you've created? The passion of your heart is a necessary ingredient. If there is no passion to pursue the dream in this image you've created, try shifting the image around a bit to something you feel more comfortable with.

Sit a bit and absorb that dream you've created. Eyes still closed? Is your big toe and your lump still getting lots of oxygen? Good. Let that image that you've just created permeate your being. Do you feel peace with it? There may be some risk in it. That may be fine. But, do you feel peace with it?

Still got the picture? Now, when you feel complete and one with that image, send it off. See your image in a bubble, shrouded in a pink haze, floating off like a prayer. If thought is reality, and in high school many of us learned that we think and therefore we are... then you have just sent a piece of reality off into the world to do some work for you. Expect some synchronicities to flow to you. Expect to meet a key person, or learn something that will bring you one step further along on this dream.

Hershey Wier, MBA, speaks, writes and coaches on personal and professional development. She founded ANEWIST Personal & Professional Development Services in order to offer fresh insight, guidance and support to people in achieving more fulfillment in their life path. Contact her at: [email protected] or visit:

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